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What Our Clients Say About Us

    Mrs. Everhart is a valuable asset to any business. Although we only had an hour to meet, I walked away with set goals, performance tracking advice, and valuable insight that will further profitize my business. She is very passionate about helping others succeed and her personality is great. I would not only recommend her services but will be using them again in the future.​

    Latisha Lockett


      Everyone is born to be great! It’s our life’s journey to find that greatness, but most people will never find it because of FEAR! TJ Everhart is that voice giving clients the tools to connect them to their individual greatness. She has a powerful way of connecting and giving clients a personal pathway to obtain what’s rightfully theirs.

      Sean L. McCaskill


        The ladies of NCBW Central Alabama are grateful for the wisdom left with us. Your presentation was fun and energetic. Along with the fun you pushed us to look at ourselves and push ourselves out of our comfort zones. Thank you so much.

        NCBW Central-AL


          This seminar met my expectations because TJ delivered the information that is easy to follow that help me understand how to deal with difficult people. I will benefit from the seminar because I’ve have learned that there are ways to deal with difficult people and have less conflict. TJ made this the best class I’ve ever attended. She does an amazing job. Thanks TJ!


          Seminar Participant

            Very relatable! Engaging. Examples and situations given sounded “right at home situation”. I see how I have to go back to my staff and approach conversation/meetings differently. I have to make some changes within myself. Seminar leader was great. So much so I just wanted to bring her back to resolve ALL issues at our company.


            Seminar Participant

              Not only did today seminar help myself with dealing with difficult people, but I will be able to share this with others on my team, and the difficult people they deal with. TJ was great! She was very professional, knowledgeable, and confident. She provided great info, real life examples and made it enjoyable.


              Seminar Participant


              1. STRATEGIZE

              Within this phase, we identify leadership gaps, behaviors or processes that are negatively impacting the organization. By doing an organizational needs assessment, areas of opportunities for improvement are identified and a strategy plan of action is recommended for desired outcomes.

              2. TRAIN

              Training programs and courses are facilitated to address areas of opportunities for improvement within the organization.

              3. CHANGE

              The organization is equipped with a strategic change management plan to help minimize the resistance to change.

              4. PERFORM

              We focus on solutions for maximum operational performance. Organizations can expect to see an increase in areas such as leadership growth and development, operational efficiency and productivity, employee performance, employee engagement, customer satisfaction, a positive workplace culture.

              We Train to Transform

              Our training program is not like our competitors. Most training programs train and then leave; we train to transform. That means that along with being fun, engaging, and interactive, we stay with our clients to ensure that the training is effective and successful based upon application. We build measures of accountability into our training programs. We are not your run of the mill, check the training box as complete, learning and development program. We base our success on sustained change, not the number of attendees. Increased employee performance and productivity, an engaged culture, motivating leaders, business growth, and mitigated legal risk is the ROI for our clients.

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